Our Four Pillars


Lead by Specialist Pathologist.

Dedicated Management team providing customer support and Qualtiy assurance.

Fully trained technicians for blood sampling, with years of experience and expertise.

State of the Art Service and Technology

Using the Latest ultra sensitive, high-precision, modern equipment for 100% accuracy.

IT Based Client Data Management System.

Certified Quality Laboratory Practises.

Quality & Accreditation

Internal Quality Program.

External Quality Program.

Customer Care

Blood Sample at Home.

Reporting Service.

Online Services.

Explanation of Tests Reports by the Management team and Doctors.

Who we are

Jyoti Pathology Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre was founded in 1995 by Dr Naresh B. Patel (M.D. Pathology & Microbiology). Through constant innovation, with high quality testing over the past 22 years, it has today grown into the leading medical laboratory in Mehsana spanning across the North Gujarat using the latest state of the art technology. Jyoti Pathology Laboratory now offers an extensive range of medical testing to assist clinicians and patients in their day to day medical needs.

Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy that patients and our clients deserve quality testing, combined with the highest level of customer service at a reasonable cost. We believe that every specimen is more than just a sample of blood or urine, we treat every specimen tested with the same respect we would the person from which it came. We realize that every specimen represents a mother, father or child who mean as much to someone else as our own love-ones mean to us.


To maintain the position of market leader in private medical diagnostics in Mehsana as an effort to alleviate the suffering of patients by dedicated people through unsurpassed diagnostics and innovation.

Mission Statement

To provide highest quality medical laboratory services using the most advanced technologies. With emphasis on customer care, compassion and professional expertise, Jyoti Pathology Laboratory continually strives for accuracy of testing, swiftness of service and responsiveness to individual customer needs.